You’ll always be present, Eric.

His smile and laugh.

(Credit: Eric’s Instagram)

His city — Memphis.

Eric always said his heart was in California but he loved his city. Memphis was home. (Credit: Eric’s Instagram)

My city — NYC.

Eric was beyond excited before his helicopter flights in NYC. At the end of his 10 day trip this July he told me he finally got it and was ready to move to the West Village. We would of been great neighbors. (Credit: Eric)

Good IPA.

The Old Rabbit Club was a speakeasy around the corner from my place in NYC. Eric liked to go there because of the craft beer selection. Cash only. (Credit: Eric’s Instagram)


Last time we were together, Eric listed all of the comedians he had seen. It was a long, long list. (Credit: Eric)

“Trust Me” menu at Sugarfish.

If you’ve been to Santa Monica with Eric, you’ve been to Sugarfish. (Credit: Eric)

Those t-shirts from UnknownArtistApparel.

When Eric came to NYC in May he played chess with a friend from Europe. I can’t remember her name, but she was awesome, and Eric made a special trip to NYC because she was in town. I hope she reads this and says “Hi.” (Credit: Eric’s Instagram)

In-n-Out Burger.

(Credit: Eric)


Family wasn’t exactly a straight line for Eric but it was always the number one priority. His love was strong and unconditional. (Credit: Eric)

Finding beauty in abandonment.

(Credit: Eric)

Live a Great Story.

I still remember the first Instagram meetup Eric went to in NYC. He was so excited, yet, oddly a bit unsure of what to expect. He loved it, and clearly it was life-changing. (Credit: Eric)

Cat whisperer.

Eric was my cat sitter when I was away from NYC. He watched Madison and even helped me perform surgery on her one time — pulling out an ingrown toenail! (Credit: Me)


Every year Eric attended the Online News Association annual conference. You may have met Eric in LA, Denver or just a few weeks ago in DC. This picture is from the Instagram booth in LA. We were already making plans for ONA18 in Austin. (Credit: Computer at ONA15)

Design thinking and prototyping.

Eric hired me for a week during my Gannett furlough in 2009. I went back to The Commercial Appeal and did a design thinking workshop with his team. He was constantly looking for new ways to think about journalism. (Credit: Me)

Beach days.

A lot of hours were spent in this very spot in Santa Monica. (Credit: Eric)

Blinding beach sunsets.

This was an incredible sunset. There were so many sunsets. (Credit: Eric)

Two slices and a diet Snapple from Joe’s.

When Eric came to visit NYC he would drop his bags and then say, “Pizza?” Joe’s Pizza was his favorite. He always ordered two pepperoni slices and a diet Snapple. Never deviate. (Credit: Eric)

Make the most of every moment.

That time Eric and I rode Radiator Springs Racer at Disneyland over and over to get the perfect thrill photo. (Credit: Computer at Disneyland)




Researcher. Designer. Human. Currently hiring!

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Laura Cochran

Laura Cochran

Researcher. Designer. Human. Currently hiring!

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