Understanding who you are designing for and helping people design for them. Building a UX Playbook. [1 of 4]

Illustrations of gender neutral people that represent design targets.

Design Challenge

Building a Customer Playbook


  • Who is the ideal small business customer?
  • What is this person doing via self-service and when do they struggle?
  • What channels are people using to interact with Valley associates?
  • What products and services are they using to accomplish what tasks?
  • What is the mindset of the customer throughout their financial journey and how do people’s behaviors, needs, goals, desires and pain points change throughout this journey?
  • What are the main triggers that lead to someone being open to a new financial product and/or service or switching banks?
  • What products and/or services do people typically adopt at the same time in their journey?
  • How do people become aware of new products and services, whether they are financial products and services or other products and services (insurance, shopping deals, local events…)?
  • When considering a financial partner, what criteria do they use when considering, evaluating and committing?
  • What incentivizes resonate with people if opening one account or multiple accounts at the same time?
  • What environment are we designing onboarding experiences for — when and where do people commit to open accounts (in branch, at home, with friends??)?
  • How far apart are we from customer expectations and what happens in our front/back office?
  • How do people need and want to get support (online, in branch, phone)?
  • When people interact with us, what type of support do they need, and what is expected from a bank and/or what is desired from a bank?
  • What is the ideal customer care experience (online, in branch, phone)?

The Team

Read More: Understanding Who You Are Designing For: Research Design




Researcher. Designer. Human. Currently hiring!

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Laura Cochran

Laura Cochran

Researcher. Designer. Human. Currently hiring!

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